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Paws and Play: The Top 10 Dog Films to Watch with Your Canine Companions

Dec 16,2023 | Petbobi

Imagine settling down for movie night during the Christmas season, your dog eagerly awaiting the flickering of the screen. This isn't just any movie night – it’s a movie night full of movies the best dog movies that both you and your dog can enjoy.

Welcome to the canine cinema experience, where tales of loyalty and laughter leap from the screen, and every wagging tail tells a story. With your furry friend snuggled beside you, these films promise to do more than just pass the time - they celebrate and strengthen the bond you share.

With the holiday season's spirit weaving through these stories, they become more than entertainment. They're a tribute to the companions who've left their paw prints on our hearts. These are the movies that remind us why our dogs are not just pets, but family.



"Hachi: A Dog's Tale" (2009): Loyalty Beyond Words

Released on June 13, 2009

Watch the moving true story of Hachikō, an Akita dog, in "Hachi: A Dog's Tale". This film takes us on a journey through the eyes of a loyal pup who forms an unbreakable bond with his owner, a college professor who rescues him from abandonment. Day after day, Hachi's dedication never wavers, teaching us the true meaning of loyalty. Grab your furry friend and a tissue. This story promises to touch your heart in a way only a dog's love can.

Available to watch: Amazon or Netflix



"Marley & Me" (2008): When a Dog Becomes Family

Released on December 25, 2008

"Marley & Me" isn't just a story about any dog. It's about Marley, the lovable Labrador whose life is as full as his personality. Witness the ups and downs of a family learning the ropes of life with a mischievous furball. For anyone who's ever welcomed a dog into their home, Marley's antics will feel familiar, and his impact, profound. It's a heartfelt reminder of the lessons our furry friends teach us about love and life.

Available to watch: Hulu or Amazon 



"101 Dalmatians" (1961 & 1996): Spots of Adventure and Fun

Animated Release: January 25, 1961

Live-Action Release: November 27, 1996

Get ready for an adventurous rescue with "101 Dalmatians," where courage is spotted in black and white. The thrill of Pongo and Perdita's mission to save their puppies from the infamous Cruella De Vil remains ever vibrant. It's a classic adventure that'll have you and your pup cheering for the heroes and booing the villain.

Available to watch: Amazon or Disney+



"Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey" (1993): A Tale of Perseverance and Heart

Released on February 3, 1993

"Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey" wants you to join Shadow, Chance, and Sassy on a quest that defines courage. This story is about the spirit they embody and the love that calls them home. It's an ode to the resilience that lies in our animal companions and a film that will have you hugging your pet a little tighter.

Available to watch: Amazon or Disney+



"Lassie" (1994): A Heartwarming Tale of Coming Home

Released on July 22, 1994

In "Lassie," discover the story of an extraordinary Rough Collie who proves that home isn't just a place, but where the heart is. When Lassie faces separation from her young owner due to tough times, her determination to return speaks volumes about the loyalty of dogs. This film doesn't just tell a story. It invites you into an experience where every act of bravery and loyalty is a testament to the timeless bond shared with our four-legged friends.

Available to watch: Amazon 



"Beethoven" (1992): Big Dog, Bigger Heart

Released on April 3, 1992

Meet Beethoven: a St. Bernard whose size is only matched by his impact on the Newton family. In the whirlwind of drool and hijinks, "Beethoven" is a story of an oversized dog with a knack for trouble and a heart full of loyalty. This dog's tale, filled with laughs and a touch of chaos, shows us how a pet can truly become part of the family. It's the perfect pick for anyone who's ever found their biggest joy in the shape of a four-legged friend.

Available to watch: Amazon or Redbox



"The Secret Life of Pets" (2016): What Happens When We're Gone?

Released on July 8, 2016

Ever caught your pet in the act of mischief? "The Secret Life of Pets" takes you on a vibrant journey into the world they might be leading once you step out. This animated film is a window into the lives pets could lead, full of comedy and color. This makes it a shared laughter experience for you and your pet. It's a celebration of our pets' secret lives, filled with friendship and adventures you've only imagined.

Available to watch: Amazon or YouTube



"Old Yeller" (1957): The Legacy of a Loyal Friend

Released on December 25, 1957

Set in the rugged Texas countryside, "Old Yeller" stands as a touching narrative of a boy's journey to adulthood with a brave dog by his side. This film, set against the backdrop of the wild frontier, captures the highs and lows of forming an unbreakable bond with a loyal companion. This story is a tribute to the love and lessons our dogs teach us, even when they're tough.

Available to watch: Amazon or Disney+ 



"Lady and the Tramp" (1955 & 2019): A Tail of Two Pooches

Animated Release: June 22, 1955

Live-Action Release: November 12, 2019

"Lady and the Tramp" spins a yarn of romance that crosses all boundaries. This film is a sweet serenade to the unexpected love stories that blossom in the most unlikely places. A Cocker Spaniel and a streetwise mutt show us that love knows no fences, and sometimes, all it takes is a shared plate of spaghetti to find a soulmate.

Available to watch: Amazon or Disney+ 



"A Dog's Purpose" (2017): More Than Just a Pet

Released on January 27, 2017

What if our dogs have a greater mission in our lives? "A Dog's Purpose" follows one dog's journey across different lifetimes, teaching us about the joys, the laughter, and the heartache that pets bring into our lives. This film takes us through a spectrum of emotions. It gently reminds us of the profound place our furry friends hold in our lives. It's a story for anyone who's ever looked into a dog's eyes and seen a soul staring back.

Available to watch: Amazon or Vudu



The Timeless Connection of Canine and Human Hearts

From the laughter-filled escapades of a big-hearted St. Bernard to the vibrant lives of animated pets, the films we've shared here are a selection of movies to watch with your dog. They're not just tales on a screen. They're the shared experiences and memories we hold dear with our dogs. These stories remind us of the significance of the moments we spend with our furry companions, the joy in their wagging tails, and the comfort in their presence. So tonight, as you settle in with your loyal friend by your side, let these best dog movies rekindle the warm glow of the bond you share.