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Latest Winner

May 2023

Kronos, the Australian Cattle Dog who's winning hearts with his inspiring story! This pup was adopted from ACDR and has captured the hearts of millions. Kronos' incredible talent and intelligence have earned him a place in the spotlight. He has been featured on Netflix Pet Stars, is a Trick Dog Champion, and an America's Top Dog Model Finalist!
Despite his hearing loss, Kronos has proven to be a determined and unstoppable force in the world of canine talent. His inspiring journey is a testament to the incredible things rescue dogs can achieve with love and patience.

Winners 2023

Apr. 2023

Heidi is an adorable four-year-old Australian shepherd who just loves showering humans with affection. During her favorite walks in the woods with her mom Jill, this precious pup can't resist spreading joy by giving people her sweet kisses. While Heidi's unique coat may have changed over the years, from a cute puppy to a mature pup, her unique personality has remained constant, making her one special girl with a heart of gold.

Mar. 2023

After being rescued from a fate of abandonment, Sammy is a true champion of resilience. He was born with birth defects that left him unable to use both hind legs - surgery sadly couldn't help either. He has learned to adapt with the help of his wheelchair for mobility but even more impressive are the emotional healing powers this heroic pup holds! He became a therapy dog for Ruth's son who also had special needs: two lives intertwined in the most inspiring way.

Feb. 2023


Lucky loves nothing more than snuggling up next to you or lounging on your lap, making her the perfect Netflix companion. With her love for napping, she's definitely mastered the art of relaxation, and expects to be treated like a queen.

But there are times when Lucky just wants to be left alone to catch some z's, and that's when you'll find her hiding under the bed, cozily tucked away from the world.

Jan. 2023

Hazel and Honey are brother/sister pair. These two Holland lops are about 9 months old now and they are definitely spoiled. Their butt twitch whenever they have some sweet peppers and celery.

Winners 2022

DEC. 2022

Finn is only three and a half months old, but he already had an abundance of energy. He is an energetic ball of fur who loved to explore every nook and cranny of the house, often making messes in the process.

OCT. 2022

Mollie is a 2-year-old Mini Golden Doodle (F2b) and lives in Claymont, DE with her Mom, Lauren and Dad, Mike. She is the sweetest and friendliest pup. She goes on her 7am walks with daddy every day and says hello to the kids at the bus stop and greets all the other neighbors with a WOOF WOOF. 
Mollie loves a good belly rub and will nudge your hand if you stop and she wants more! She is picky with her food but she loves peanut butter, bananas and any chicken treat. Mollie's wardrobe is huge!   She will play dress up, most of the time. For Halloween this year, Mike and Lauren are Colonial Sanders, and Mollie is a CHICKEN NUGGET!

SEP. 2022

I lost my soul dog after 14 1/2 wonderful years. Though her loss was devastating my husband and I had a lot of love and a happy home to give to another dog so we started our search to rescue one. We got wind of a 3 month old pup who was being discarded by her owner. The pup had a misshapen head with a large swollen knot on top. We weren't sure if it was a tumor or abuse but when we saw the picture of her we instantly fell in love and knew we had to give this pup a better life and get her some proper medical care. Adopting her was one of the best things we ever did. Her little heart is as golden as her golden hair. We have been privileged to give her the life she deserves full of comfort, adventure and tons of love. We are glad to say that she has fully recovered from her head trauma and is now perfectly healthy and happy.

AUG. 2022

A amazing best friend that makes people notice how sweet he is and say how cute he is and he absolutely loves to learn new tricks and things to do! Knows all his toys by there names and there’s a lot !! Helps bring packages in from outside, and help me beat depression on a daily basis! He is me best friend , and I thank him for that.

JUL. 2022

Bob is a 4 month old Goldendoodle. He is a very happy dog that loves life, people and especially children. He will be training to become a therapy dog.

JUN. 2022

Lilly wants to say hi to everyone. She will stop dead in her track and lay down, even in the middle of the road to get affection from a cat, dog, squirrel, human, you name it! She’s an angel sent from above.

MAY 2022

Rex is a fun-loving (food-loving) pit-lab mix! He was attacked by another dog before being adopted by us, and he's been slowly but surely getting less reactive. It's a journey, and it's definitely not a sprint. We're so thankful for Rex for keeping us healthy and sane, and he's the team mascot for a fundraising campaign we're all doing for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!!! He loves putting on his outfits and showing off.

APR. 2022

Cobra is a rescue pup from Winnebago county Il. 
He loves the vegas weather, going to dog parks, and playing with his toys. He loves to eat treats and his favorite snack is beggin strips. 
When Cobra is not protecting the house from pigeons he likes to kick back and lay in the sun. Cobra is most happy when he gets lots of attention and someone throws the ball to fetch. 
Cobra's favorite activity is when he knows he’s going to go outside when he sees the leash and is always down for a car ride to the mountains.

MAR. 2022

Myleigh is new to her family. 
They have had her for only about a month but she has stolen her furparents hearts; She bonded with her mom immediately and. 
She will jump on my calf when I’m walking just to get me to pick her up ( she loves to be carried.. It’s hilarious). She gets really excited when we go outside bc her and her fursister Saylor will chase each other around the yard. Dress up has become her favorite game to play. 
Myleigh’s favorite snack is butter cookies that she will share with her daddy.

FEB. 2022

Yogi was born August 15, 2015 , I have Yogi and his mother , they love each other unconditionally. Zoey will lick Yogi's face and  it's so cute to watch. Yogi loves to smile and make everyone smile, he will turn a bad day into smile ! Yogi loves everyone and loves his Land Rover that he drives around. Yogi loves playing fetch and going for walks in the field ! He is my bestie. When he Smiles, everyone smiles , Yogi lights are up a room when he walks in.

JAN. 2022

Max was born July 15, 2018 somewhere in Texas. Somehow he ended up in a shelter and then rescued by a wonderful rescue from Illinois at which time he came into our lives and formally adopted on April 15, 2020. He is the most loving and loved fur child ever. He loves to play tug a war and during the cooler weather we spend the days hiking, walking and just enjoying nature with lots of breaks in between as he tires quickly..