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May 2024

 Let's hear it for Cowboy, our Pet of the Month winner at just eight months old - stealing the show with his charm! This delightful pup adores his Dutch cup and revels in chasing his Chuck. Just imagine what this handsome guy looks like on the court!

Winners 2024

Apr. 2024

Amidst grieving her husband's loss and her cat's disappearance, Annette found solace in her involvement with animal shelters and adopted Gracie. She is a loving Australian Shepherd mix who brings warmth and tenderness into Annette's life. Her sheer delight in exploring the vast wooded expanse of new 35 acre property is truly infectious. Gracie is a genuine blessing from above!

Mar. 2024

Meet Chance, Natalie's adorable furbaby. At 12 years old, this photogenic boy is all about beach days, chasing tennis balls, and enjoying cold watermelon. Forever stealing his mama's heart!

Feb. 2024

Angus, a charming 1-year-old rescue dog, embarked on a journey from Texas to Wisconsin at just 8 weeks old. Adopted shortly after, he has stolen our hearts with his sweet nature. Angus is on his way to becoming a therapy dog and loves spending time with his wonderful moms!

Jan. 2024

Pearl the pug, with her adorable squishy face and expressive eyes, sits like a human, snores like a banshee, and occasionally lets out a fart that could rival someone who just devoured 10 Chipotle burritos. But despite all that, she is undeniably the best thing that has ever happened to Tessie's loving family, bringing joy, laughter, and endless cuddles into their lives

Winners 2023

Dec. 2023

Piper is such a sweet girl who loves everyone she meets. She's a social girl and always brings smiles with her silly antics. Playing with her 14.5-year-old pug mix sister and cuddling after a long day are some of her favorite things. Piper is even working towards becoming a therapy dog!

Nov. 2023

Momo is a one-year-old Australian Shepard boy puppy, born with cataracts but found his forever home with so much love. He's a playful, intelligent little guy who's always up for learning new tricks. His goofy personality brings us joy and laughter every single day. And let's not forget how he gets super excited with his Petbobi toys - he knows them all by name! Playtime with Momo is an absolute blast.

Oct. 2023

Albee, the 7th rescue pup of Jennifer's crew, proves that spunkiness knows no age. At the senior age of 9, he still plays like a puppy, and his snuggling skills are legendary. Jennifer swooped in to save him from the shelter when he faced a devastating double loss of previous owners. Albee's story is a heartwarming reminder of resilience and the power of second chances.

Sep. 2023

Smeagol is a hydro Kitty with water on his brain, but he's living his best life and making progress every day. He loves to explore and play, and his hooman, Lisa is thrilled he's part of the family. She has been taking care of him since he was a tiny kitten and helped him grow into the joyful, loving friend that Smeagol is today.

Aug. 2023

Kuki is an absolute sweetheart and brings so much love into Stephanie‘s life. She enjoys indulging in yummy meals, snuggling up for cozy naps, and even has a passion for playing football! When she's not loyally following Stephanie‘s every step, you'll often find her curled up at the foot of her hooman bed, perfectly positioned to catch the refreshing breeze from the AC. Kuki truly knows how to find the best spot in the house!

Jul. 2023

This AKC 5 1/2 month old black lab is bursting with energy and loves to play with her furry pals. With her beautiful coat and outgoing personality, Peony is a true head-turner. She keeps her Mom company during the day while Dad is at work and is the ultimate cuddle buddy at night. Plus, she has an obsession with water - once she's in, good luck trying to get her out!

Jun. 2023

Meet Stanley, the cat who was abandoned in a box with his sisters like trash. Thanks to a parks and rec employee, they were rescued and posted on Facebook as available for adoption. Angela's family never thought they'd be cat people, but Stanley changed all that! He's such a sweetheart and loves to snuggle with them. The dog even plays with him, and he fits right in with Angela's family. It's like Stanley was always meant to be with them.

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