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Thousands of Happy Customers

    This works really well. Bazi is a 24 lb cockapoo, who loves to be on mamas lap while driving; but can no longer as it's unsafe & he's becoming a chunky-ish-monkey. This booster seat is comfy & allows him to see outside the windows.
    After a few tries she began to love it. Now she jumps into the seat herself ready for me to strap her in. I feel so much better knowing shes safe and secure in the seat oppose to her usual walking around or crying to have me hold her WHILE IM DRIVING (unsafe!!).
    Pika and Deku
    I bought this stroller when my cat became seriously ill. I wanted to take him on walks to show him that there was more of the world to see and smell in hopes that it would help him feel like there was more to live for. My cat loved it so much he would wait at the door for our evening walks.
    Sara C.
    A good, economical, effective solution for tethering a dog to a harness while in the car.  The cable is short enough to keep the dog from gaining access to the driver or passengers. The deign of the seatbelt allows it to be inserted in folded down seats while still leaving sufficient room for the dog to move around a bit to get comfortable.
    Diane B.
    Great suction, the cable is strong and unforgiving.  My two labs playing with this once or twice a week. With two spoiled dogs, that's a winner for a toy.
    T. Crist
    Amazing Solution for my 85 lb Senior Golden Retriever. This stroller was easy to assemble, light weight and foldable to transport in a car. Our senior dog was having difficulty going for our 2x/day walks. This stroller allowed us to cover more distance and gave him the ability to get in and out when he wanted to.
    Easy to install. Very strong. You can change the position easily. Now, I have the peace of mind to let my dog play in the yard without chasing him around!
    Ahmad Y.
    My coon cats love it!!! it's roomy and well-constructed, so they have plenty of space to roam around in comfort! Its easy maneuverability is an added bonus. I'd give it a perfect 10/10!
    Bruce D.
    It's a life saver, Piper loves being outside as is but this toy is so entertaining to her. It's strong enough to hold my full body weight, and durable enough that she can't tear it up
    Lollie C.