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How to Find the Perfect Pet Sitter for Your Furiend This Holiday Season

Dec 03,2023 | Petbobi

The holidays are nearly here! That means twinkling lights, cozy sweaters, and spending time with loved ones. But for pet parents, it also means one not-so-jolly thought: What to do with Fido or Fluffy?

Leaving them behind can feel like a lump of coal in your stocking. Bringing them along can cause more stress than Aunt Janice's fruitcake. Not precisely tidings of comfort and joy.

The truth is, more and more people go away for the holidays, whether it’s a day out Christmas shopping in a nearby city, seeing family and friends, or taking some much-needed time out.


But don’t feel bad; there is hope!


Finding a skilled pet sitter can be the purrfect solution, letting both you and your fur baby enjoy some holiday cheer.

In this guide, we'll sleigh you with tips for choosing a sitter you can trust. By the time we're done, your pet care woes will be as far away as the North Pole! Let's paws for a moment and dive on in.



Why Should You Consider a Pet Sitter? 

Our furry friends thrive on familiarity - their favorite nap spots, beloved play areas, and daily routines.

When you're off decking the halls over the holidays, letting your pet stay snug in their comfort zone is probably the most thoughtful gift you can give.

Hiring a pet sitter means your fur baby can keep living their best life, avoiding the stress of separation anxiety. Skilled sitters don't just understand animal behavior - they offer mental stimulation, affection, and companionship that goes way beyond basic feeding and an hour of walks a day.

A good sitter will keep your pet's health and fitness routine on track, bringing peace of mind and promptly alerting you about any potential problems.

Your pet gets to skip the hassles of holiday travel and stay happily in their element, living their routine without worry in the world.

Our pets aren't just animals - they're cherished family! They deserve the highest level of care, especially when we can't provide it ourselves. A qualified pet sitter can bridge that gap, ensuring your furry friend's days stay full of joy while you're off making merry memories.



Home or Away: Which is Better?

You've decided on a pet sitter for the holidays - good call! Now you gotta figure out if your furball should stay home or go to the sitter's place. Both have perks, so consider what works best for your pet's personality and needs.


Home Sweet Home

If your pet is a senior or total homebody, sticking around could be ideal. In familiar surroundings with all their favorite toys, walks, and smells, your furkid can stick to their routines with minimal stress or anxiety. 

Having the sitter come to you also lets them watch your house while you're gone - score!


Away at the pet sitter's place

On the other hand, if your pet loves adventure and adapts fast, staying at the sitter's could be a fun vacay! 

It ensures constant social time, especially if the sitter has pets themselves - 24/7 care can also be super comforting for pets with special needs, and they're more likely to get it in the sitter's home.

The bottom line? 

Choose whatever's coziest for your furball. Whether it's snuggles at home or an exciting sitter sleepover, make sure your pet feels happy, safe, and loved these holidays!



How to find a pet sitter

Finding a reliable pet sitter takes some legwork, from asking the right questions to checking key factors; there's lots to dig into. Let's break down what to keep in mind when picking the best sitter for your furry BFF.


Questions to ask your petsitter

Your search starts with a good, long chat. Ask about their experience, types of pets cared for, emergency response, and services offered like walks and grooming.

 Don't be shy about asking for references from previous pet parents, either! You'll want to know they're comfortable with your pet and can handle their unique needs.


Considerations to make

Location matters when deciding, too. Can they quickly get to your place? Do they have a backup plan for emergencies or sicknesses?

Opt for insured, bonded sitters if possible - those certified in pet first aid and CPR are a big plus! 


Introduce them to your pet

Finally, set up a meet and greet so they can interact with your pet. Make sure their vibe fits your pet's personality and that your pet can be themselves around the sitter, too! 

This is also a great time to share details on your pet's schedule, diet, medical issues, and quirks. 



Is a pet sitter right for your pet?

Boarding your pet with a sitter isn't the easiest decision to make, and it's okay if leaving your animal with a pet sitter isn't right for you. 

If that's the case, or you just want to weigh all your options, there are a few other common choices that you could look into. 

Let's look at some popular alternatives.


Friends or Family

Often the most convenient and budget-friendly option, friends or family can be great. Your loved ones already have a bond with your fur ball so it may be less stressful for all. Just confirm your caregiver is reliable and knows your pet's routines and needs.


Overnight Pet Sitting

For pets with separation anxiety, overnight sits could be ideal. Although pricier, the 24/7 care may be worth it for peace of mind, knowing your furry friend has constant supervision.


Home Boarding

Providing a homey environment with fewer animals, home boarding can be like a mini vacation for social pets! Just make sure any facility is licensed, and consider an intro visit for your pet to check out the space and potential playmates.

The goal is to ensure your furry friend's happiness over the holidays and always. Whether you choose a service or a familiar face, ensure your pet gets the love, care, and attention they deserve. 



Finding the Purrfect Care for Your Furry Friend

Picking the best care for your furball while you're away isn't a decision to take lightly. From pet sitters to trusted pals or care services, we hope you can use this guide to help you choose what's best for your pet's personality, health, and happiness.

While your furry friend is with a sitter or boarder, quality pet gear can add extra comfort. Interactive toys and products entertain them and enrich their time while you're gone.

Petbobi offers a wide range of pet care products designed to keep your furry BFF safe, happy, and engaged. 

Check out our thoughtful selection of travel gear and toys here as you prep for the holidays.