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Choosing the Best Toys for Your Dog

Mar 02,2023 | Petbobi

There are so many amazing pet toys on the market today for our furry friends, but sometimes, all those choices can be overwhelming! Every dog has different play styles and even different toy preferences. How are we supposed to choose toys that are good for them and that they will love?

Keep reading to discover a few key factors to consider when picking out a new toy for your pooch.




One of the first factors to consider is the age of your dog. Age can be a determining factor in activity level, playfulness, and even chewing levels. For example, puppies have different needs than adults or senior dogs.



Puppies undergo a teething process where their puppy teeth start to fall out, and new teeth grow. Teething can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful for them, and they'll have an intense desire to chew on anything they can during this time.

High-quality toys made of rubber are often an excellent option for pups to chew. Some can even be put in the freezer for a few hours to help soothe their sore gums. Plush toys like stuffed animals are also great options for puppies!


Older dogs

Older dogs like many of the same toys as puppies but also have different needs as they grow older. For example, many become really strong chewers and need pet chewing toys that are more durable.

For example, there are tons of rubber toys of various sizes and shapes for dogs with different levels of durability. Some can often survive even the most aggressive chewers. Some even contain a compartment or an area in the toy where you can hide treats. Scoop a little bit of dog-safe peanut butter in there, and your dog will be busy for hours on end.


Senior dogs

Senior dogs may sometimes not want to chew or play as much, so finding the right toy for them can sometimes be tricky. An activity like a snuffle mat might motivate them to skip one of their many afternoon snoozes!

Snuffle mats often have various layers and formations of fabric sewn onto the mat. Owners can then hide some delicious treats within the folds of the fabric for their dog to sniff out and find! Using their senses to find the treats is a highly enriching activity, not only just for senior dogs but for dogs of any age.




In addition to age, another thing to consider when choosing a new dog toy is the size of your dog and the size of the toy. A Chihuahua likely won't enjoy a ball that is bigger than the dog itself! And similarly, a Labrador could accidentally swallow or even choke on a toy that is too small. If it is small enough for your dog to swallow, it's also small enough to be a choking hazard.



Activity level 

Another important thing to consider is your dog's activity level. Some dogs are more than happy to just lay on the rug with their favorite chew toy and call it a day. And others might be bored beyond belief without at least two games of fetch a day!

For dogs with tons of energy, a toy like a flirt pole might be a great option! Flirt poles are much like a cat's wand toy but are designed more durably for dogs. It helps get them zooming, chasing, tugging, and jumping.

Another option for active dogs might be a handheld ball launcher so that you can throw your dog's tennis ball even farther!

For dogs that like to lay around, toys like stuffed animals, various balls of different sizes and shapes, Tug Toys, and various Chew Toys can all be great options. For lazy dogs especially, a tug toy can help encourage a little bit of extra movement because they'll have to pull to keep their toy!



Playing by themselves

As much as we would like to play with our dogs all day long, sometimes life gets busy, and we don't have the time to play with them as much as they might want. But that doesn't necessarily mean they should be bored all day! There are tons of options for interactive dog toys that don't require owners to play with them.

One awesome interactive toy is the Giggle Ball for dogs. The giggle ball makes all sorts of fun noises that capture our dog's attention, and it vibrates and moves around to help entice our dogs to play. Thanks to its design, dogs of all sizes can pick it up, shake it, and nudge it, and the funny noises will easily keep their attention!

There are also toys like the Bungee Tree Tug of War Toy that can be tied to a sturdy tree or a pole, and the strongest dogs can play tug easily for hours on end.

There are various automatic ball launcher toys on the market today, too. All your dog has to do is drop the ball into the launcher, and off it goes! Just make sure to set it up in an area where it won't do any damage!



Final Takeaways

Age, size, activity level, and whether your dog will be playing alone or with you are all things to consider when shopping for your dog's next toy. Whether your dog likes to play tug, fetch, search for treats, or chomp on their favorite chew toy, you're sure to find the perfect dog toy for your furry best friend!