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6 Winter Weather Tips for Dogs

Dec 28,2022 | Petbobi


It sure is cold outside! Winter is officially here. That means cooler temperatures, darker nights, and maybe even a few snowstorms.

Luckily, some dogs love winter.

However, it’s important to learn how to deal with cold weather in winter. Otherwise, sore paws, frostbite, hypothermia, etc. can all make your dog uncomfortable and sick…uh oh.

Petbobi is here with everything pawrents need to know to have a wonderful winter season.



Stay Inside on Extremely Cold Days

First, don’t go outside with your dog when it is too cold. Sub-zero temperatures are dangerous for dogs.

Keep in mind, just because dogs have fur doesn’t mean they are prepared to withstand winter. Some breeds (such as Huskies) love playing in the snow! After all, they were born to be outside pulling sleds in the far north and therefore their coats are suited for the chilly arctic. But many other dog breeds are cold intolerant (such as Greyhounds and Chihuahuas) and can face serious health consequences when exposed to extreme cold. If the temperatures drop drastically, go out for a quick 10-second potty break. Or offer an indoor pee pad instead.

Dog Tie Out Cables are great for most seasons, but just remember to bring your furiends into the house during very cold days.



Wear Dog Coats and Booties

Secondly, get fashionable with doggy clothes!

Dog Boots are practical. The fabric will create a barrier between the freezing pavement and icy terrain. Since dogs have fur between their toes, snow builds up and forms little balls that feel annoying. You have probably seen your own pup licking at its feet to try to remove these.

Additionally, dog boots protect soft paw pads from salt, chemical burns, and cuts.

A winter dog coat or jacket is also a good idea. These are designed to keep pets warm and dry. The best dog coats will be well-insulated, waterproof, and easy to put on.



Use Warm Blankets

Speaking of staying warm, does your dog have their own doghouse?

If yes, add a blanket. Even though doghouses are built to block wind and snow, they are not heated. A fleece, cotton, or sherpa blanket will insulate the doghouse and help your dog maintain its body heat.

Plus, they are soft and cozy!



Dry Off Snow and Ice with a Towel

Next, always dry off your dog after being outside in winter weather.

Ice and snow can melt and lead to tangles in a dog’s fur if not properly dried. Similarly, a dog who gets wet could be at risk of hypothermia. According to PetMD, this is when a dog’s body temperature drops to below 98˚F.

A dog who stays cold could experience the following signs of hypothermia:

  • Shivering
  • Confusion
  • Tiredness
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Pale gums
  • Slow breathing
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Collapse


So, never let your dog remain wet and cold after a walk. Always rub them down with a towel to get rid of snow and ice.



Feed High-Protein Foods Regularly

This next tip is preventative.

Did you know? In the winter, some dog breeds burn more calories. That’s because their body is using more energy to stay warm. In fact, canine nutritionists suggest that dogs who are more active in cold weather will require 2x as many calories compared to normal to help with insulation and fat accumulation needed to maintain a normal body temperature.  

Some sources of healthy calories include proteins like chicken, lamb beef, and fish.

Of course, every dog is different.

Always consult with a veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet. They will be able to recommend the best dog food.



Let Sunshine In

Finally, Petbobi’s last winter weather tip for dogs is all about sunshine.

Sunshine is powerful indeed. Scientists have found that increasing sunlight for your dog comes with many benefits. For one thing, sunlight is a natural heat source. Dogs will often lay in a sunny window and happily sleep away the afternoon because they enjoy the gentle warm rays.  

Even more interesting?

Sunshine also kills bacteria. Yes, really!

Snow and ice can leave moisture on a dog’s skin. This can lead to dampness where yeast and bacteria grow. Thankfully, sunshine works like a disinfectant. It wards off harmful microbes.


Enjoy a Winter Wonderland with Your Dog

There you have it!

A guide to keeping your dog safe this frosty time of year. From staying indoors on extremely cold days to wearing coats and dog boots, using blankets and towels, plus eating protein-rich food and absorbing sunshine, it’s easy to keep dogs healthy all winter long.

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