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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Your Pet

Dec 15,2022 | Petbobi

Happy holidays, furiends!

Christmas is fast-approaching. Soon, Santa Paws will bring yummy treats and fun toys to all the good little cats and dogs.

To help your furmily enjoy the festive season all December long, we have created a list of things you can do together. Celebrate Christmas with your four-legged best friend with these five fun ideas!


Let’s get in the holiday spirit.



Dress Up Like an Elf, Santa, or Reindeer

First, why not dress your pet up in a cute outfit?

Popular choices include elf ears, a red and white Santa hat, or reindeer antlers. Both cats and dogs can also wear adorable plaid scarves or jingle bell collars. In fact, you can even make your own Christmas clothes to match. Guests will love seeing your pet all dressed up and ready to party.

Plus, it’s a great photo opportunity!

Many pet stores have Santa Clause visits. On special days, pets can wear their holiday costumes and go pose for a photograph with Santa and his elves. Maybe you can even shop for Christmas presents while there.



Wrap Christmas Gifts

Speaking of presents…

Don’t forget to wrap a Christmas gift for your pet. On Christmas morning when the family goes to open their gifts, make sure your pet also has something to unwrap with their paws. Lots of pet owners also get their cats and dogs a stocking stuffed with small items.

Not sure what to buy your pet?

Don’t worry – We have you covered.

For dogs:

For cats:

  • Catnip
  • Feather Wand
  • Scratching Post
  • Blanket
  • Tunnel
  • Cat Cave



Decorate the Doghouse or Cat Condo

Next, celebrate Christmas with decorations.

Us humans put up bright and cheerful lights, mistletoe above the doorway, and a tree with a star on top. Of course, pets cannot have the exact same decorations…but that doesn’t mean you cannot decorate their doghouse or cat condo in other ways.

For example, an outdoor doghouse could have solar lights clipped on the roof.

Inside, you could swap out your cat or dog’s bed. Buy some fabric that has Christmas patterns (like snowflakes, red and green stripes, candy canes, etc.) and make them a blanket or pillow.

Just be sure all decorations are safe for pets.

Avoid any choking hazards.



Make a Photo Album

Looking for another fun way to celebrate Christmas with your pet?

Get creative with a camera. A photo album is wonderful for preserving memories. You can easily find affordable albums at the dollar store. Go through your phone and print off your favorite pet photos (it will be hard to choose, we know!)

Then, assemble them either by date or theme.

For instance, start with your pet’s baby photos first. While looking at each picture, sit with your pet and remember all the good times you have both shared together and the adventures you have gone on.

Or if you are feeling really crafty, try making a scrapbook!

You can include things like your pet’s photos, pawprint, stickers, as well as handwritten notes. This is a special way to celebrate those you love most at Christmas time…your dear pet.



Cook a Pet-Friendly Christmas Dinner

Lastly, treat your pet to a delicious Christmas dinner.

While traditional human foods like turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and fruitcake might be holiday classics, cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits, birds, and reptiles each have their own unique nutritional requirements.

So, brainstorm what they would like to eat.

One simple way is to add toppings to their kibble/dry food.

Christmas foods that are safe for dog consumption include:

  • Green beans
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli  
  • Squash
  • Sweet potato
  • Small amounts of cheese
  • Unseasoned ham and turkey

Similarly, cats meow with happiness over the taste of turkey scraps.

If you have an exotic pet like a bird, small mammal, or reptile, it’s best to stick to their regular diet. However, you can still offer a nibble of special foods on Christmas day. Give different fruits and vegetables in moderation.


Merry Christmas, from Petbobi

There you have it!

Five fun ways to celebrate Christmas with your pet.

From dressing up in holiday outfits to wrapping gifts, decorating their house, making photo albums and cooking a yummy dinner, there are countless activities you can do together. Enjoy the magic of the season each and every day.

From all of us here at Petbobi, Merry Christmas!