Rechargeable Moving Ball with LED Flash Light
Rechargeable Moving Ball with LED Flash Light
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Rechargeable Moving Ball with LED Flash Light

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Attraction: Auto-jumping & flashing light
Material: Eco-friendly ABS inner ball and wear-proof TPU outer double shell
Breeds: Medium to large dogs
Battery: 500mAh rechargeable battery

Introducing the Petbobi active rolling ball - the ultimate toy to engage and energize your furbabies! Watch as they chase, bite, and have a blast.
With automatic bouncing, it's bound to keep them entertained for hours.
Plus, the flashing LED light adds an extra element of excitement, perfect for playtime in the dark.
Get ready to captivate your doggo's attention like never before!

A High Energy Workout

I didn't know what to expect when I put the Petbobi Active Rolling Ball in front of my Boston mix. He loves any type of ball, but he's never had an interactive toy like this. It didn't take long for his terrier instincts to kick in and he soon was "all in" the hunt and he made noises I've never heard before as he chased the erratically bouncing ball around the room.
The ball comes with a USB-C charging cable, and it takes about an hour to fully charge the inner motor and light unit. The two halves of the hard plastic shell screw together to hold the motor in place. There are two levels of intensity. The toy appears to be well made and seems durable.
This toy requires supervision. If using indoors, it has a tendency to roll under furniture and in places where it needs to be retrieved. That being said, the Petbobi Active Rolling Ball gives my dog a high energy play session that he really seems to enjoy!

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