Level 1 Pet Puzzle Feeder - Pink & Blue
Level 1 Pet Puzzle Feeder - Pink & Blue
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Level 1 Pet Puzzle Feeder - Pink & Blue

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A fantastic way to engage your furbaby's sniffer and paw power!
This genius Pet Puzzle Toy guarantees brain training and is the ultimate source of fun.
Why wait? Let the games begin!

Words from our Beloved Pawrents

    The durability of this puzzle toy stands out. Crafted from what seems like a pretty durable and hard plastic, I have no doubt this toy will withstand plenty of playtime sessions.
    One occupied pup!
    So far so good! My doggo might have a love Haye with his new toy. But he was able to figure out, now let's see if he remembers. Highly recommend!
    My pup is slowly starting to get it, even though she still often just angrily paws at it, hoping something will magically happen. I like the squeaker in the middle for catching her attention.