Interactive Dog Toys - Blue Monster
Interactive Dog Toys - Blue Monster
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Interactive Dog Toys - Blue Monster

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Attraction: Vibration and barking sound
Material: The inner ball is made of eco-friendly ABS. The plush cover is made of non-toxic polyester material, filled with PP cotton.

A perfect way to keep your pup entertained and active, even when you're not around!
This fun self-moving toy jumps on its own with a realistic barking sound, sure to mesmerize any pooch.
No more destructive behavior or ruining the sofa - just pure doggy joy!


Is the battery replaceable?
Yes, replacing the battery in your toy is a breeze. If you happen to have any Duracell AAA batteries on hand, those will do the trick just fine.
Is the cover machine washable?
Yes, the cover is machine washable. Just toss it in the washer, use a pet-safe detergent, and then let it dry. And your pup's toy will be as good as new!
Does it have an automatic shutdown function?
If you're tired of hearing the barking sound, simply hit the button on their vibration core to turn it off. But be aware - if you do this, your pups might not stay as interested in their toy... after all, the sound and vibration are part of what keeps them engaged!

Words from our Beloved Pawrents

    It's been cold and rainy so I wanted to get my little man something to keep him interested and to initiate some extra play. This thing is awesome!
    Jessica M.
    My puppy LOVES this toy. From the day we received it he spends so much of his free play time with this toy. We were worried that it was too big and then maybe too jiggly and loud for him. Ummm, nope! He loves his toy and even takes it to bed with him.
    Momma Bear
    My older dog KC loves this!! He could play with it all day!! He's 7, so it's a great toy to get him active. I actually bought this for my puppy, thinking KC wouldn't be interested in this but they both love it.