Dog Tie-Out Cable Set - 30ft/120lbs
Dog Tie-Out Cable Set - 30ft/120lbs
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Dog Tie-Out Cable Set - 30ft/120lbs

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Say goodbye to tangled leashes!
This Tie-out Cable is a quick and easy way to keep your dog safely by your side.
It's perfectly designed for attaching to a tree, railing post, or other object — just wrap it around and clip the hooked end of the leash.
With its durable construction, you can trust in its strength no matter what kind of dog you have, even large dog up to 120 pounds


Can I tie it around a tree?
Sure. Just wrap it around and clip the hooked end of the cable. But depending on the size of the tree, railing, or post the length would be shortened. 
Any problem with rust or decay?
Its construction will ensure total durability regardless of all weather conditions 
Can a dog chew through this cable?
If all your dog did was chew on it 24/7 then maybe. It would take quite a bit of effort to chew through the metal strands.

Words from our Beloved Pawrents

    I wish I had bought this one first instead of third! It’s light weight yet strong. I will definitely get another when my other one needs replaced.
    My previous tie out left my dog feeling like he had whiplash from all the sudden jerking around. But thanks to this new one, he's finally able to run free without any unpleasant consequences.
    One of my dogs kept getting out of yard. I needed something FAST n inexpensive. This was it! My dog is 60lbs n never needed a lead, he's 9yrs old.
    NJ Resident