Dog Bath Suit
Dog Bath Suit
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Dog Bath Suit

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Weight: 0.6 lbs
Product Dimensions: 5.4x5.2x3.4 inches
Material: Stainless Steel, Rubber
Package including: bathing tether x 1, brush x 1

Is your furry friend a bundle of energy during bath time? Don't worry, we've got your back. Our Dog Bath Tether not only keeps your pup in place but also frees up your hands to give them a spa-level scrub-down. Say goodbye to a soggy bathroom and hello to a stress-free and effective dog shower time.


Will this stick to a metal grooming tub?
Absolutely! And not just that, it also works on tiles, marble floors, glass, and wooden floors.
Can I use the dog bath tether in multiple bathrooms?
Yes! It easily comes off the wall, so you can move it from one bathroom to another without any hassle.
How long does the Lick Pad take for a dog to lick it clean?
In our experience, our dog takes about 10 minutes to finish it all - perfect amount of time for him to calm down and relax before bath time which he usually hates.

Words from our Beloved Pawrents

    I really could not be more happy about this set. It is just what I needed and more effective than I was expecting. The tether is plastic coated wire and very sturdy. I'm glad it is plastic coated so that it won't develop mold or smell like some nylon tethers tend to do. There is an adjustment slide to get a good fit around your pets neck.
    Such a nice idea for a puppy. Our puppy was always running around in the bath and got me all wet. I can fianlly say goodbye to those messy and wet baths. It's a game changer for bath time.
    My dogs don't "hate" bath time but they do get fidgety sometimes, especially when I'm blow drying them, and this has changed the game. They stay secure and I'm able to hold the tether to keep them in place, as needed. I have dogs from 30-60# and the loop fits them all perfectly fine.
    Becca A.