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A Comprehensive Guide to Camping with Your Canine Companion

Jul 04,2023 | Petbobi

Sun’s out! Which means, fun’s out! One of the countless reasons why dogs are the absolute best pets is that a dog parent will always have a plus one when it comes to summer, outdoor adventures. Whether it is swimming in a lake or picnicking in a park or overnight camping under the stars, our dogs are always game for anything.

Camping with dogs is one of the most exciting activities to do in summer. However, with great fun, comes a little responsibility. But with the comprehensive dog camp checklist that we have prepared, you do not have to stress about anything else. Read on…



Plan Ahead for the Trip, Bring Extra Food, Water, etc.

An average dog’s respiratory rate when tired is over 100 breaths per minute. That is more than twice as compared to that of a human. Keeping your dog amply hydrated and well-fed while camping, regardless of the weather, is of crucial importance. It is easy to miss subtle signs of dehydration and hunger pangs in a dog while everyone is busy having fun. Consider keeping a timer from time to time to ensure your dog is receiving enough food and water. You can also add some ice to cool your dog down further.



Pack a Pet First Aid Kit

Medical emergencies do not announce before arrival. Hence, it is vital and wise to be prepared beforehand. All it takes is a box containing a few essentials such as band-aids, gauze, antiseptic solutions to treat infections, scrapes, and burns, cotton balls, a digital thermometer, milk of magnesia (to absorb and counteract poison), Tweezers, medicine pill box containing some essential medicines (especially if your dog is already having an existing condition), syringes and any other supply that you may consider essential.

It’s a good idea to keep this box ready and handy at all times, regardless of the location you are in.



Leash Your Dog in Case of Getting Lost

If there is one thing that all dogs share in common, it is that they are adventure seekers. If given a chance, they will track a scent to no end. This is more often a bane than a boon because we are perpetually at risk of losing our dogs.

While camping with dogs, there is nothing safer than a tie-out cable that will not only give ample freedom to the dog but also help keep them secure. The Petbobi Tie Out Cable is long enough, lightweight, and can be secured in a variety of outdoor spaces. Their tie outcomes in various sizes and can be used with the Stake for a variety of dog breeds ranging from small to Extra large.

This cable allows you to keep your pet close while engaging in other activities and games simultaneously.



GPS Tracker is Surely Essential

We are never truly, emotionally prepared for ‘lost dog’ situations. But, we can definitely prepare with tools that may help prevent such situations from happening. GPS Trackers will help you keep track of your dog if they decide to take off alone on an adventure. If you are in an area that has considerable cellular coverage, tracking your lost dog will be a cakewalk.



Bring Toys to Prevent Dogs from Stress or Boredom

How we wish our dogs could join us in a game of Volleyball or gossip by the Bonfire circle! But, until they’re born with the talent to do so, games and puzzles are your best bet to prevent your dog from getting bored while you roast marshmallows and make Smores fireside.

Make sure to carry a few different options, especially if you have a dog with a short attention span. The Petbobi Interactive Dog Toy is a great option for small to medium dogs. It is interactive and entertaining, it giggles, bounces, and includes motion sensor technology. It is great for outdoor spaces as it harnesses a dog’s natural instinct of chasing and also satisfies prey drive.

Bring this toy along with the Petbobi tie-out cable to keep your dog entertained and secure for several minutes at a time.



Consider Getting a Lightweight Tent for Outdoors Overnight

Overnight camping with dogs is a must-have item on the bucket list of a dog parent. Dogs make great partners in crime; be it stargazing at night or cooking up horror stories or even just cozying up inside a warm comforter inside the tent. This summer, buy or rent a tent and take your dog out on an overnight adventure. We promise it will be a night you’d remember for a long, long time.  



Keep Your Pup Cozy from Bad Weather

There may be several of them out there who may say that dogs do not need sweaters or jackets or boots. While dogs like Huskies may not need protection from the snow and harsh arctic conditions, countless other dog breeds would really benefit from some added layers of protection against bad weather.

While the effectiveness of jackets and sweaters can be debated, dog boots are highly useful in protecting your dog’s paws on harsher terrains and climates. A dog’s paw pads are sensitive and may sometimes need some extra TLC on outdoor trips. Some Dog Boots do an amazing job of protecting a dog’s paw pads. These boots are specifically designed for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.



Dont Forget to Scoop the Poop!

The myth that leaving dog poop in the soil is great for flora and fauna is nothing but balderdash. Dog poop contains millions of harmful bacteria that contaminate the water system and ecology. They may not only destroy the ecology of a certain area, but if the bacteria get in contact with human-grade crops, they pose a great risk to human health. Make sure to scoop your dog’s poop with eco-friendly/ compostable bags. This is also an important step to open up other outdoor spaces to be more and more pet friendly.


In Conclusion

Camping with dogs is a fun but responsible undertaking. Make sure to plan in advance and prepare a checklist based on your and your dog’s requirements. You’ll also want to ensure that your dog is up to date on not only all of their vaccinations but also flea and tick prevention. Thoroughly research the area and make sure the flora and fauna are absolutely safe for your pooch.