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5 Summer Safety Tips for Dogs

Nov 24,2022 | Petbobi

We all want the best for our canine friends, and while they’re undoubtedly the cutest, cuddliest members of our family, looking after them in the summertime can be tricky, with the weather and water sources posing significant risks during the season.

Our top five summer safety tips for dogs will prepare you for anything the season may throw at your pooches.



Secure Your Pooch While Driving

Some dogs adore car traveling, and some…they’re not so keen. In the US, it is reported that 65% of drivers claim to have been distracted by their dogs while driving, which can lead to an increased risk of road traffic accidents.

Melanie Monteiro in her book ‘The Safe Dog Handbook’ states that in the event of a 30-mph crash, an 80-lb dog becomes a ‘2,400-pound flying projectile.’ With figures like these, the importance of securing dogs to ensure both they – and any passengers in their car – stay safe while traveling appears more prominent than ever.

At Petbobi, we recommend using a dog seat belt harness that is adjustable to meet your specific dog’s size, with the dog seat belt attached to the collar.  For longer journeys or nervous pets, we recommend a Dog Car Booster Seat that clips into standard car seat belts, providing reinforced support in the event of an accident.



Check Temperature Before Walkies

The RSPCA has an excellent guide on walking your dog in hot weather, including handy information on spotting burned pads. Be sure to check with your local weather provider before taking your dog out for a walk, and where possible walk early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures are cooler.

If you must walk your dog at other times, we recommend touching the pavement with your hand for a few seconds. If your hand hurts, it’s too hot for your pooch! An option is to use dog boots to protect your pet’s feet. The best dog boots that stay on throughout even tough terrain walkies are adjustable at the ankle to securely fit your pet, without restricting their gait.

We also suggest taking things easier on hot days. Dogs who usually run alongside you while you jog or cycle are more prone to heatstroke in hot weather due to increased exercise. Be sure to stroll to protect your pet from harm.



Groom Your Dog Regularly

Dogs don’t sweat in the same way we do. While we regulate our body temperature through sweating from our whole body, dogs only sweat through their paw pads and rely on this, combined with panting and vasodilation to cool themselves down.

Their coat has incredible insulating properties, helping to keep them hot in cool weather and cooler in warm weather. But when it becomes matted or hair fails to shed sufficiently, the dog can overheat, which can become fatal in hot temperatures.

Pet grooming at home is a great way of keeping your dog’s coat in check. At Petbobi we offer a range of affordable pet grooming tables, Dog Grooming Arms and Clamps, and dog grooming hammocks to support your pet while you remove knots and excess pet hair through thorough combing.  



Be Careful Around Water

Letting your dog splash around in cool water when the heat is on is a lot of fun, but always ensure your dog is on board for the water-fueled revelry. It’s best to start with shallow water, keeping an eye on your pet at all times to ensure your pet is comfortable. If you’re walking on the beach, be sure that your dog doesn’t drink too much salt water. If they do, they can become sick, which can lead to dehydration quickly in hot temperatures. It’s best to keep a water bowl and a bottle of water on hand to hydrate your pooch after any exercise to prevent overheating.



Prepare Damp Towels to Keep Cool

When the heat gets too much, how about giving your dog a cool spot to lounge on? Run a beach towel under cold water and place it on your patio or in the yard for a makeshift cooling mat.

A word of warning! Some people recommend wrapping a cold, wet towel on your dog to reduce their temperature, but this can cause the opposite effect, trapping heat onto the dog’s body. Always give your dog the option to regulate its body temperature by enabling them to walk away from the towel if the temperature changes too much.



Helping Your Pet Through Tough Summer Months

We love our dogs, and while sometimes looking after them in summer can be a chore, with a little extra thought and preparation you’ll both get through the summer months without too much stress.

Support your dog when traveling with adjustable dog seat belts and harnesses and provide dog boots to protect delicate paws when walking on hot surfaces. Consider pet grooming at home to keep them cool, and use cold, damp towels as soothing pads to keep heat stroke at bay.